Fines4U takes the hassle out of administering and dealing with traffic fines. We specialise in individual portfolios, as well as large fleets, monitoring your traffic fines and dealing with them quickly, efficiently and legally to help you avoid the undesirable consequences that could follow. What's even better is that many of our services save you money instead of incurring additional expenses.

Incurring traffic fines against your name can no longer be viewed as a minor inconvenience you can ignore without any consequences. In many jurisdictions, waiting for a summons to be issued can lead to you getting a criminal record when you pay the fine. If you ignore a summons, a warrant of arrest will be issued against your name and in some jurisdictions, this will lead to your license renewal being lawfully denied.

Have all Fines and Warrants against your Company's name Resolved!


What We Do

If you have problems with Traffic Fines received by employees or drivers in the course of their duties, it can create huge problems and administrative nightmares for your company. This is especially true for companies who own a lot of vehicles that are on the road all the time. In our experience we have seen that in most cases such fines do not get resolved timeously and Warrants for Arrest or Demerit Points under the new AARTO Act are issued due to the following reasons:

  • Employees may receive fines and do not always reveal the fact to the Employer
  • The Employee leaves the Company before the fine has been sorted out and paid
  • The actual fines get lost or the Notice of the Fine does not reach the Company in time
  • The responsible person in the Company just does’t have the time to attend to the Fines or see to the timeous payment thereof

We can attended to and resolve all fines received by a company on their vehicles, before they result in Warrants for Arrest.


How Fines4U Works

For all Traffic Fines we charge 40% of the amount we save you. Should a bank guaranteed cheque be required you will be responsible for the cost thereof.

On settlement of the service fee, we will hand over the reduced traffic fines, reconciliation statement and invoice to you. You are then responsible for the payment of the traffic fines or, once all outstanding services fees, including the outstanding fine have been paid to us in full, we will pay, as a free service, the traffic fines on your behalf.

AARTO Traffic Fines
AARTO traffic fines are forwarded to your nearest post office. As soon as you collect and sign for it, you have 32 days to day in order to qualify for the 50% discount.If you do not pay within 32 days, the discount expires and an additional R60 per month is charged on the traffic fine.
For the quick processing of the AARTO traffic fines, we suggest that you change your postal address to a post box near our office and FINES4U will pay for it.
As soon as we receive the traffic fines, we will make copies and return the original to you.

Most traffic fines are issued at the maximum permissible amount. On your behalf, FINES4U will forward an objection to the relevant state prosecutor and he/she can at his or her own discretion reduce or even withdraw a traffic fine. Please contact FINES4U in order to grant us permission to act on your behalf. We will send you all necessary documents to complete and once we have received all completed documents we will query your traffic fine.

Fines4U in the News

FINES4U is involved in a wide range of community projects and sponsorships. We are actively fighting for the rights of every road user and assisting in fine reductions and illegal issuing of fines. Stay in touch or follow our latest court cases here.

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